ALFA HR Solutions

ALFA HR Solutions

A Powerful solution for Human Resources management system facilitates the most effective utilization of human resources to achieve the objectives of both the organization and the employees. The system handles all HR activities.

ALFA HR Modules

ALFA Time Attendance

ALFA Time Attendance Functions and Features
  • User Defined work rules / Policies (Shifts)
  • Full Details Employee File
  • Excel detailed & summary Time sheet plus graphs
  • Connectivity to payroll systems
  • Supports multiple Time Clocks on a network
  • Terminal Internet Communication Dynamic/Static IP Address (ADSL,VBN)
  • Leave Requests file & forms generator
  • Exception Rules (paid sick days, vacation, etc.)
  • Manage holidays, Special Days and other absences
  • Track Annual Vacations, Other Vacations File and Reports
  • Track Sick Leaves File and Reports
  • Personal Leaves
  • Days Type File and Labor Law
  • Month Deductions Calculation (Late IN, Early Out, Personal Leaves)
  • Month Addition Calculation (Over Time)
  • All Employees Attendance Window
  • Scan Employee images module
  • Capture employee time (arrival, personal leaves, Job leaves, , departure)
  • Automatically calculate and summarize worked hours
  • Required, Calculated & Real work hours Reports
  • Capture and automatically process overtime hours
  • Rounding Rules (Late IN, Early Out)
  • Logging all manual punch records changes
  • Overtime Approval with Manager level access
  • Auto punches available with Manager level access
  • Departments Transfers
  • Use two Working Shifts in a day and Three Shifts in Hospitals
  • Fixed and Flexi-time Work rules schedules - Track lateness and early outs
  • Allows unlimited employee 'punches' (In/Out, Job In/Job Out captures)
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Salary Slip

ALFA Payroll

ALFA Payroll

A Powerful solution for HR management system facilitates the most effective utilization of HR to achieve the objectives of both the organization and the employees. the system handles all HR activities.

    Salary Information Function
  • Multi Salary Types (By Employment Cadre, Flat Salary, Daily base Salary)
  • Multi Projects (Payroll Funding Projects)
  • Customize Allowances (Family, Transportation, Medical insurance, Etc….)
  • Customize Deductions (Absence, Penalties, Personal Leaves)
  • Additions (Overtime & Reward)
  • Manage Income Taxes and Tax Exemptions
  • Provident fund & Saving (Employees and Organization)
  • Severance Pay Calculations
  • Commissions & Bonus
  • Loans Management
  • Support Multi Currencies and Currency Exchange Deference calculations
  • Advance Payments Management
  • Medical insurance debits
  • Salary Slips Generation
  • Salary Calculation Function
  • Salary Calculating or defining for one employee.
  • Salary calculating for a group, and for all employees.
  • Payment or salary slips issuing
  • Payroll Other Function
  • Ability to calculate bonuses
  • Ability for savings fund
  • Ability for end of service actions
  • Payroll Actions Function
  • Ability to change classification
  • Ability to change basic salary
  • Ability to change salary status
  • Ability to change bank commitment
  • Enquiry Function
  • Ability for salary lists according to months and years
  • Ability for quick and a summary enquiry
  • Ability for employees list
  • Ability for salary differences comparisons (month to moth)
  • Ability for making other actions on the system
  • Ability for having all personal and business data like name,age,gender,address,salary,department,job title etc…
  • Ability for having a chronological salary details
  • Ability for adding savings fund information.
  • Commission Functions
  • Ability for calculating the commissions
  • Savings /Provident Fund Function
  • Ability to view employee and company monthly contributions according to figures and percentage too.
  • Ability to calculate each employee share and the percentage an employee gets from the total of his/company contribution within a period). In addition to the distribution of profits.
  • Other Features
  • Ability to email salary slips electronically
  • Ability to import mobile invoices from Excel file to the payroll system automatically.
  • Ability to calculate salaries retroactively.
  • Ability to do special calculations for different categories of employees
  • Ability for calculating end of service in details and automatically
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Employee Loan Screen ...

Employee Loan Printout ...

Employee Management

ALFA Employee consisit from sub Modules
  • Archiving System
  • Company Possessions
  • Evaluation
  • Training Courses
  • Documents Generator
  • Warning and Cautions
  • Employee Travels
  • Employee Reminders
Employee Documents Generator ...

Employee Documents Archiving ...

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Employee Self-Service (ALFA ESS)

Employee Self-Service Modules Function and Feature
    ESS Features
  • Employees are empowered to view important personal data with a few clicks of a mouse. They can view information such as attendance sheets, salary slip details, annual leave balances, and company directory. They are also able to update certain fields such as GPRS remote attendance.
  • Managing time off has never been easier. Employees can view time-off balances (annual leaves and sick leaves). They can request time off and edit or delete time-off requests.
  • Employees have instant access to view personal benefits information, including Family Allowances, Transportations, Overtime, savings benefits, Commissions - Bonus, Administrative, insurance benefits and employer contribution costs.
  • Employees are given instant access to view payroll information including paycheck details and pay history.
  • Allows managers to review and approve time-off requests. Replay approval or decline to employees request instantly by email or sms.
  • automates business processes with robust, flexible workflow features.
  • employees are empowered to send email, sms or both to his manager when submitting a request. And Manager also can send approval by email, sms or both.
  • Security features such as password protection and database security ensure that employees’ sensitive data remains secure. ALFA ESS also supports 128-bit SSL encryption to protect data transmitted over the Internet.
  • Multilanguage (Arabic and English )
  • Full integration means that once changes are submitted and approved by the appropriate administrator, they’re automatically updated in the ALFA HRMS database.
  • Send Salaty Slip in Adobe Acrobate PDF format.
  • New Employee Announcements.
  • Employee Resignation Announcements.
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GPRS Attendance Screen ...

ALFA ESS Main Modules ...

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Employee Communication

SMS / Email Modules Function and Feature
    SMS Feature
  • Quick and direct
  • Low Cost
  • Anywhere (local & International )
  • Easy writing (keyboard, Template)
  • Mass messages (Groups, Department)
  • Certain Recipton (eg. No network coverage)
  • Database integration
  • Anytime
  • Multilanguage (Arabic and English )
  • Does not need (Hardware) only Internet.
  • Email Feature
  • Send Salaty Slip in Adobe Acrobate PDF format.
  • New Employee Announcements.
  • Employee Resignation Announcements.
SMS Screen ...

Email Salary slip Screen ...

Email Salary slip Screen ...