ALFA Customer Relationship Management (CRM)



A Powerful solution for HR management system facilitates the most effective utilization of HR to achieve the objectives of both the organization and the employees. the system handles all HR activities.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


A Powerful solution for HR management system facilitates the most effective utilization of HR to achieve the objectives of both the organization and the employees. the system handles all HR activities.


Empower your sales teams with the information and tools that help them to put your customers first, learn more about your customers, avoid you to spend more time on high value activities, gives you contextual intelligence for better, faster, and smarter decisions.


Sharekati CRM help you to have the information you need, in context, to understand your customers, create innovative marketing programs, and measure their effectiveness.


Sharekati CRM let you staying on top of customer requests in various stages, across a number of channels. Makes it faster and easier to understand and meet customer needs, whether from a help desk, a call center, or a social media community.


Sharekati CRM truly organization management solution for most businesses, empower your work with tools that help you build you administrative system; spend more time on high value activities.

Project Management

Create projects associated with customers or support cases. Set project milestones and assign tasks to users or user groups. As the project progresses, use the comment system and file attachment to keep everything together, and along the way, keep track of progress and recent events on the summary page.


One of the most important tool for marketing, where you can set your targets, document all processes for each target, link many attachments, ability to convert to opportunities and to work through many stages.


Very important tool to control marketing and sales process which contains many of the features such as ability to create many types of opportunities based on the type of work, documentation to all movements for each opportunity, create many tasks, massages, confirmations and requests linked to each opportunity within the workflow and possibility to convert any opportunity to any project.

Forms & procedures Builder(Business Process Automation (BPA))

Create unlimited forms and procedures types, with ability to create unlimited fields within any forms or procedures and arrange all the fields within any form or procedures.

Contracts system

Control and document to all types of warranties and maintenance contracts related to customers include necessary details, categories, products,? start and end date of warranty or contract, in addition to report all the details about warranties or contracts.

Management Structure

Building your structural management with the possibility to link employees by department and identify the hierarchy for each employee.

Work Flow

Identified workflow for each opportunity, project, task, forms and procedures, to let the administrator follow the stages of transactions and identify responsibility for each stage.

Messaging System

Internal and external messaging between staff and clients via special form, SMS and email, with full documentation.

Cloud System

Specialized database deals with huge amounts of information; accessible for networks.

Mobile Version

Compatible with all types of mobile devices, tablets, smartphones and all operating systems (Windows, Mac, Android).

Multi-Channel Communications

Many ways of communication between Staff and departments of business or customers equipped with SMS system and e-mail.

Tracking System

Follow all the stages of any opportunity, task or process, including any comments or attachments.

Advanced Security

SSL certificate providers, data transfer protection. Periodically data backup.Fire Wall. Log In, Log out monitoring.Users Mac Address. USB Security Dongle.

Attachments Search

You can search for any information or attachment within the archiving system, through various options.

Contacts & Accounts

Contact & account form includes all details and information you need, ability to link contacts with their account, ability to create automatic contact & account through converting between work stages.

Multi applications & languages

Arabic & English interface with the ability to enter data in any language ​​and to open more than one screen at the same time.

Movement Documentation

Documentation for all movements which are within the system, whether between employees or customers, call, visit, email or SMS.


Archiving system includes the possibility of conservation history and evolution of each for each document.Also provides you with ability to change documents location.

Users movements (Log File)

Record any movement within a huge database and reports.

User privacy & Local User

Archiving system supports user privacy, such as Hijri date, interface ( Arabic and English ).

Calendar & Appointments

Identify your appointments within any opportunity, task or process with reminder and calendar.

Report Builder

System includes many reports for each subject with ability to build the reports easy by need.

Advanced Search

Every part of the system you can search for any information with many options.

Authorities & Users

Easy to create users and passwords within grant or block permissions to all the contents and features.

Help system

Sharekati Systems are provided with distinct help includes Video and details with easy search.